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Profil of BUK

United For The Truth
Alamat: Jl.Raya Sentani No.67B Padangbulan Abepura
Jayapura-Papua- Indonesia.
Telpon (0967)58816,Email:buk_papua@yahoo.co.id

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About Us:

Bersatu Untuk Kebenaran (BUK), United for Truth is a non profit organisation set up as a platform that will focus on Papuan survivors in order to organize, strengthen and empower victims and relatives of victims to strive for truth, justice and reparation based on the moral and legal responsibility of the State of Indonesia.

By dint of suffering, of facing arbitrary walls, of watching court law giving immunity to perpetrators, this has given strength to the Papuan survivors and relatives of victims to continue organising themselves and to develop peaceful strategies in order to obtain truth, justice and recognition of their rights

BUK has been inspired by the experience gained in the struggle for justice in the Abepura Case, 7 December 2000, where perpetrators have been simply released by the Human Rights Court of Makassar on 8-9 September 2005 and has also learned from the “do-nothing policy” of Indonesia legal system in solving cases of human rights violations that occurred in Papua.

BUK was set up on 27 March 2008 in Biak, in Papua, in a forum for Papuan survivors facilitated by the following organisations:

  • Debora and Bara (DEBAR)
  • Perhimpunan Bantuan Hukum & Hak Asasi Manusia (PBHI)
  • Foker NGOs Papua
  • Kontras Papua

Survivors who attended this forum belong to some of the major cases of serious human rights crimes that occurred in Papua:

  • Wamena upheavals in 1977.
  • Biak, Bloody Case on 6 July 1998
  • Abepura Case on 7 December 2000
  • Wasior Case on 13 June 2001
  • Pornumbay Case on 11 November 2001 (the abduction and murder of Theys H.Eluay and the disappearance of this driver, Aristoteles Masoka)
  • Wamena Case on 4 April 2003, and the Abepura Case on March 16, 2006.

This platform legally registered, is one of the first grass-roots organizations in Papua, which does focus on victims of State violence and operates from Jayapura as network’s core upon five branches called “pos kontak” which are: Komunitas Survivor Abepura; Komunitas Korban Biak; Komunitas Korban Wamena; Komunitas Korban Wasior and Komunitas Korban Timika;.

Our Programs:

BUK runs capacity building programs for communities of survivors and raises awareness to the public by organising peaceful campaigns and ceremonies to commemorate gross human rights cases and celebrate Internasional human rights day.

BUK does lobby and advocacy to local, National and International stakeholders and build up a communication network with other local NGOs

BUK gather and disseminate documentation of cases of human rights violation in Papua.

These programs aim at:

  1. Building up solidarity among victims of State violence.
  2. Providing legal recognition and reparation for the victims of State violence
  3. Empowering victims to become human rights defenders.
  4. Bringing perpetrators in front of the Law.
  5. Keeping record of human rights crimes in Papua to be used as historical material for the future generations.
  6. Linking the community of Papuan survivors with others National International survivors networks.

Our General Principals:

  1. Promote non violence and reject the use of violence of any kind and from any source.
  2. Develop and promote non-discrimination by doing no distinction of any kind such as religion,race,colour,social status,social origin,culture and other convictions.
  3. Struggle for gender equality and for respect of sexual orientation.
  4. Acknowledge the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights,Declaration of human rights defenders and others International Conventions.

Organizitional Structure:

BUK Organizational structure consists of an Executive Board located in Jayapura that interact with coordinators at regional levels.


To financially support this platform, BUK’s programs are funded by members’ contribution, donations from sympathizers and donors’ agencies.

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